Case Study – 04

Supporting the establishment & operation of UK freeports

North Star became involved in the bid structure and operations of freeports in 2020, taking part in part in several workshops and networking events to develop the bid structure, the implementation and operating principles of Freeports. Our network of contacts amongst trade organisations, port operators, logistics companies and importing/exporting manufacturing companies, played a major role.

Our role was in the contribution of thought leadership on the types of activity required to create the bid, practical proposals of how the Freeport could operate and what it would take to make the Freeport operational.

Providing expertise and advice

In addition, we provided expertise and drew on our experience in the setting up and operation of international supply chains, taking into consideration the physical flow of material, the financial and trade compliance requirements of importing and exporting goods under various tariff and export control regimes.

Bid structure proposal

We proposed a bid structure that would build an economic model considering the:


Operating model


How the freeport would be marketed and sold to potential users


How the freeport would support public policy objectives such as job creation, meeting climate change and sustainability targets

4 elements cover the main aspects of the bid structure proposal

To submit a bid to the UK Government, the Freeport Operator will need to put an organisation in place to generate a tender document. Each workstream would be led by an expert in that field.

The Operating Model – 3 pipelines connected by IT

To accommodate both inbound and outbound flow, and provide physical, financial and administrative status at all times, IT systems will be deployed. The existing administrative tools and IT infrastructure will be used where possible.

Our operating model assumes several partners committing resource

Developing the operating model proposal requires the input of partners who have existing systems and processes and would therefore benefit from the freeport model. North Star role would then be one of programme leader and subject matter experts.

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