Our services are designed to solve problems for our clients, and they fall 3 broad categories. Those organisations are in an operational, improvement or development stage with our services providing a map to the three broad categories. These are some of the questions you’re asking:


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Is your supply chain meeting performance targets

Do you need to get back on trackĀ 


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You are meeting targets but need to improve efficiency to free up resources for a new target.

You don’t want to make a big investmentā€¦


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The business is changing.

Your contracts with partners/service providers are ending.

You need to contribute to our wider business mid-term strategy.

Supply chain strategy & design

Developing an end-to-end supply chain strategy to support your business objectives.

  • Audit, evaluation and supply chain mapping of existing set up
  • Developing proposal for new supply chain
  • Total delivered cost modelling
  • Inventory modelling
  • Integration with sales and operations planning
  • Organisation design

Supply chain operations management

We can offer interim support and leadership management to recover acute supply chain performance.

  • Rapid evaluation of the performance issue
  • Development and execution of a recovery plan
  • Implementation of continuous improvement plan

Physical logistics

Helping to improve the efficiency of
your physical logistics:


  • Selecting appropriate mode of transport, frequency and lead time, warehouse & storage nodes and distribution network

Warehousing and storage

  • Warehouse design, location, size, storage methodology, warehouse management systems (WMS)and material handling equipment

In factory/ in facility logistics

  • material movement between cells and production areas including empties removal

Material presentation

  • Decanting/unpacking, kitting and appropriate production control methodologies

Packaging and protection

  • Packaging design and engineering, returnable/reusable packaging, packaging consumables, process

Operation & Management

  • Review of physical logistics operations
  • Organisation design
  • Management control and reporting/production system

Support of supply chain services procurement

  • Business case development
  • Bid & tender management
  • Service supplier selection

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